Loveworldnext event

Our Department operates under the motto: “Incomparable staging for the right cause
is committed to the perfect planning and staging of exciting events and programs (Musical Concerts, Inspiring and Empowerment Meetings, Weddings, Foundation fundraisers, Exhibitions, Festivals etc).

planning & Exhibitions

We are at the helm of affairs  involved in event promotions, showcase of past events and programs, interviews, provision of amazing facilities and structures to aid the set-up of events and schemes hosted by the Loveworld Next.

We are in partnership with NOORAH Digital and World Runways to assist the department in achieving its goals, duties and functions in impacting and influencing the world for the Vision. 

We forecast engaging in the global sphere with the tools created by these companies in every country..

About Us

Our objective is to make the vision and agenda visible and of global influence.

We aim at taking the atmosphere of grace and excellence to the World by making, showing, and leading the way.

The department seeks to host 90% of the Loveworld Next events this

our charge:

  • To ensure the perfect planning and staging of exciting events and programs.
  • To seek for ways to inspire and empower youths of different generations through meetings, programs and movements.
  • To offer assistance to other departments that wish to further the vision through a program and provide them with facilities and ideas to ensure they have a memorable program.
  • To provide data proposals on how the fliers and posters should be structured and the information that they should have on them. Alongside, the time frame proposal of these events.
  • To create mass awareness and great publicity of  upcoming events on our website and all social media platforms.
  • To communicate regularly to other offices within the NGO on updates and reports, through memos,  correspondences, proposals etc.