Loveworld Next Finance department oversees all financial transactions, operations, education, institutions and facilities in the ministry.

The Finance Department directs financial planning and strategy, analyze and report on financial performance, audit tax and functions while developing and implementing accounting policies.

This department also  prepares forecasts and comprehensive budgets, training accounting staff, reviewing departmental budgets and payroll, disburses funds, assess, manage and minimize risk, analyze complex financial data, manage internal controls, implement policies and improve financial processes.

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Vaults is the financial arm of the LoveworldNext responsible for financial transactions with its clients and customers in every nation its established in. 

Vaults is National in every land and territory.


VaultsPay is the payment platform created by Vaults Bank to facilitate online payment for individuals and businesses.

This payment method can be used by small businesses and large-scale enterprises. It can be linked to a site’s or an app’s to use it as their payment method. 

  • world banking

Word Banking is International, it encompasses more than just the financial realms, it delves more into the Operations, of both Finance, Educational and the facilitation of all these.

Word Banking is a Financial, Educational institution Facilitating everything about finance. It
is the operation of every financial facility for us in the Loveworld Next.