loveworldnext media

A UNIQUE DEPARTMENT OF THE LOVEWORLD NEXT, with highly skilled and dedicated staff, hence have proven overtime in the showcase of audio-visuals with top notch, crisp and mind-blowing video. 

capturing moments for a lifetime

The Loveworld Next Media is responsible for every media activities done within LoveworldNext and at any occasion the Loveworld Next is represented.


Loveworld NextMedia during such events take photographs, which are then shared via our channels.

Video Production

We are responsible for the brilliant, crispy clear music videos of our beloved LMAM artists and so many other gospel artist, which are been viewed all over the world with awards tagged to their names. 


Loveworld NextMedia during such events set up equipment to make video recordings. Giving a production second to none.


We represent the message of the ministry (Loveworld aka Christ Embassy) and the activities of our Loveworld Next ministry in audio-visuals and pictures in an unbeatable quality.