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We interprete the message and visions through sports, games and creative competitions hereby using the sporting interest of larger audience to introduce the message of Christ.


our mission


The Powerball Football is a Loveworld sports Initiative to Campaign against Drug Abuse on Campuses in Nigeria using football as a tool.

​The tournament was birthed as a platform to create awareness for the prevention of drug abuse on Nigerian campuses from increasing drastically using football which is the biggest sports in Nigeria, to bring students and young people together. 

The Tournament is a platform created for the awareness against drug and substance abuse on campuses in Nigeria. Football is a tool that unifies the youth more than almost anything else and we sought to use this tool to bring together youths from different campuses to compete as well as get informed on the on how to prevent getting addicted to drugs and related substances while studying on campus. We hope to build soldiers from this event that will take the message back to their various campuses and continue its propagation.